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Local Goods Colorado - Lafayette, CO

The Archer & The Ram - Louisville, CO

Old Friends - Louisville, CO

Pennington Collection - Northport, MI

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Hello! I'm Danielle Paglino Belin, an artist, mom, wife, educator, avid reader, and lover of lakes. I believe that life should be filled with beautiful art that brings happiness into people's lives. With my art, I aim to help people recognize joy in the little things around them.

I draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the places I've lived and currently live - from lakeside summers in Michigan to the seaside on the southern coast of Spain (2019-2021), and the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains for the past 19 years. Adventure and travel fuel my creativity as they lead me to discover amazing new places and subjects to paint and photograph.

At Mellocup Studio, we offer a collection of fine art notepads, stickers, cards, tiny notes, and more. Each piece is crafted with love - painted by hand before being transformed into everyday products that keep you organized and connected while providing inspiration.

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Photo by ELC Photography